Baby 1 month old constipation then how?

Question: Hello Doctor. New baby child home are over 1 month old only that but she went potty very difficult, I think baby constipation, very flexible because extreme extreme 2 and new baby, go baby, keep commandments ì ì without going to be, how many times he’s going to be 1 less. Every time she cries so much red all face up, baby nuts and rặn much to the navel is convex on both, she worried. Such as baby milk or whatever reason please. little milk should mainly feeding off milk. Milex milk feeding and alpha particle A +. You can mix the two types of milk to the baby don’t you? Ask the doctor to answer me soon.

Answer: clearly the Fed is also making baby constipation. The mother is not feeding properly advised about the milk. Are you feeding runs 2 elect breast milk has, if the baby is feeding the new disposition làu add milk (new generation called also, also fed into a private breakfast, then known as substitutes).

As for feeding the mother reflected more and more milk, you eat less, then drink the water that issues falling milk secretion. I need eat fruits like papaya, oranges, grapefruit … If eating more milk, you notice the right-making instructions, so also cause constipation (family because of fears that pale milk tasting brewed according to dilute formula too hungry, so to add 1-2 spoons of milk). Do not mix the two types of milk because the taste will change not be inspired by her. Can you eat 1 meal each type if you want.

If all goes well that kid still constipated then you for direct drinking water few drops baby papaya (retrieved Sep software is best for the guest, to listen Cup of mashed small 1 small spoon get water for baby baby’s drink). Should only be used when necessary. When do baby weaning is feeding regular juice.

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