Baby constipation, parents have to do?

Baby constipation is very often met by your baby’s digestive system is not really complete. Each time so maybe the parents are worried and looking to help little in improving the situation. So you try and we find out the causes and how to fix constipation in babies.

Cause baby constipation

There are many reasons why a baby might be constipated at some point in their lives. Which is the point to the culprits include stress, lack of exercise, lack of fiber in the diet and other health disorders.

Constipation in itself is not a health problem that can cause danger to life for children. But if constipation continues to persist in the long run, it can cause more serious health problems. Thus, as soon as her legs have signs of constipation, you should actively adopt measures to overcome at home is the best way and the easiest to treat constipation in babies.

If your home often times the bowel less than usual or not bowel movements every day but about 3-4 days to spend 1 time then you probably are suffering from constipation.

Natural remedies for constipation remedy at home

1. one of the main reasons causing constipation in children is too little water in the body. Therefore, the remedy is most effective with the baby is suffering from constipation is parents who should be positive for the drink plenty of water each day. Let’s start day for children in a cup of water after getting up helps a lot to treat and limit the symptoms of constipation.

2. Let baby drink 2 tbsp of sugar in the night before going to bed. Children can also drink accompanied them with milk if you like. You will see unexpected results the next morning.

3. The fruits like papaya, bananas ripen extremely effective in curing constipation. Should parents feeding the papaya ripens September banana daily or several to result in constipation.

4. cabbage juice also is considered a home remedy is simple but effective when your baby gets constipated. Take a half cup of cabbage juice and drink it twice a day to treat constipation.

5. Drink salt water mixture to treat constipation using ¼ teaspoon Epsom salts and 1/2 glass of water.

6. for the baby to drink orange juice in the morning with an empty stomach, or taking them before you go to sleep at night is also helpful in the treatment of constipation.

7. a glass of Apple juice before bed are also very effective for the treatment of constipation.

8. Drink hot water mixed with a few drops of lemon juice and a little salt in the early morning is a great way to eliminate constipation. It is known that this measure result treat constipation rather quickly.

9. Give the drink an equal amounts of carrot juice and spinach juice at bedtime.

10. for your baby with lots of green vegetables has a sweet taste, and plenty of fiber in the diet daily as eating boiled spinach, sweet vegetable laxative effect and constipation are very good.

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