Should take care of children with diarrhea?

Diarrhea is a common ailment in the summer. The disease caused by Rotavirus or directly to its cause, the focus in children under 6 years of age. The issue raised is the need to take care of children with acute diarrhea and how to properly? The following article will help parents some basic knowledge.

Diarrhea is often defined as loose stools bowel or protected water 3 times a day. Liquid manure is not the face, except the parents feeding, often going every day some times classified batter for the child identifies the actual diarrhea is to rely on the increase in the number of times or increase the level of the liquid in which the mother is extraordinary. Acute diarrhea in children may be caused by bacteria or viruses. So the treatment is different: if caused by bacteria, you need to use antibiotics to kill bacteria; on the contrary, if not cause evidence to take antibiotics because drug evidence removal effect.

Due to diarrhoea make kids lose water and salt loss should be in care and treatment are needed to offset the volume of water and salt has been lost due to diarrhea for children. In addition to clearing the water for the proper diet is also an important factor conducive to disease.

1. Always mix and ingestion dose oresol

Diarrhea causes dehydration and salt, make small children fast depletion, should have to compensate for water and salt.How to make water and salt is a good and easy to make at home is for children to drink oresol solution (ORS). The most important thing for ORS solution has a healing effect is to mix the right dosage. Proper brewing is done according to the instructions indicated on the package label oresol. On the market today have a variety of oresol to make up water and electrolytes: a package of 1 liter of water; a package of 200 ml, 250 ml package. mixed with boiled water to cool.

When the correct phase concoct the necessary electrolytes concentrations of new absorption into the body. You should use other types of grains, the average degree of measuring the correct amount of water to mix. Drinking: children under 2 years of age, taking 50-100 ml/times of diarrhea; children 2-9 years of age, taking 100-200 ml/times of diarrhea; children over 10 years of age and adults drink depending on the needs of the body. If serious illness for drink ORS 5 mL/kg per hour, combined with perfusion.

If there is no alternative service can be phase-ORS include: 8 small spoons (teaspoon) sugar, 1 small spoon of salt mixed in 1 liter of water; or water 50 g porridge of rice and a pinch (3 g) salt or young coconut water with a pinch of salt. The patient should drink small SIPs every much vomiting.

Note the correct phase is the volume of water because if a too weak, concentrations of electrolytes will not suffice, may pose a risk to children; Conversely, if a too young, would have been, maybe even danger to life due to the amount of salt in the blood are too high to pull water from the cells, causes dehydration and serious electrolyte disturbances. Mistakes are easy to make is for drinking too much water filter.

Since ORS solution, drink, some mothers see children do not want to drink, then the instance you by drinking a little water filter and drink ORS. But to do so as a result of too much drinking water filter child, belly distend, deadly, just clearing the water without compensation are electrolytes.

2. For a full diet, various

When child care from getting diarrhea in addition to compensate countries for young mothers should pay attention to eating full of nutrients. Because the child has gone off repeatedly, dehydration and salt loss should children quickly tired, so the Fed is crucial to compensate for energy losses and improve resistance to the child. The sick child, you need to eat soft foods and liquids than usual, but still have enough of these nutrients are protein, sugar, fat, vitamins and minerals.

Because the child’s digestive tract is damaged, so the need for feeding into several small meals spaced meals for about 2 hours.

For children under 6 months of age:

If breast-fed, continue feeding the mother and maternal feeding should be increased. Breast milk works very well when a child has diarrhea since breast milk has all the nutrients, easy to digest, absorb. If feeding off, you continue the normal feeding feeding should increase in volume and an increase in meals, but should not change the type of milk.

Older children (> 6 months)

Need for eat enough meals with the food cooked, nutritious, easy targets like eating porridge with chicken, lean pork … should not be getting younger fasting or abstinence. Need for eat more ripe fruit or fruit juice, such as bananas, oranges, papaya … Do not use foods that are high in sugar, high in fiber and hard to digest.

Mistakes or suffered be: just eat porridge with salt, not for children to drink milk, abstaining from all types of food for fear of children with severe diarrhea. If doing so would cause more seriously ill children for not eating enough, long illness.

However for other foods high in fat such as: cream, cheese … then shouldn’t be feeding. Because the digestive system of the child is not eating into will be more susceptible to diarrhea.

3. Only for taking medication as directed by your doctor

Many parents think that when kids get sick then should children taking medication. But drugs only work to kill bacteria, not the viruses destroy the effect. If your child suffers from diarrhea caused by Rotavirus, despite taking many antibiotics nor the effect that just make life harder. You should only use antibiotics to cure diarrhea for children when specified by the doctor.

Common mistakes made in getting medication to cure diarrhea for children is: parents often buy drugs Emetic, go out for drinks; or for children to eat foods that make kids stop going off as soon as the leaves are green, pink guava: Siamese … but that’s just from the artificially induced diseases and consequently the pathogens stay in the digestive tract so long cause severe illness, or up.

You should always wash your hands for little kids and big kids teaching regularly washing hands with SOAP before, holding food, before eating, after going to the bathroom … to prevent the disease. The best way to prevent the disease for young children should be taking the vaccine to prevent Rotavirus.

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