The disease is common in premature babies

Children often suffer from jaundice, diseases of the retina and many other diseases that lead to them are lightweight enough to carry babies and lifelong sequelae or death. The fact that not all parents are aware of the symptoms of the disease to care and treatment for children in a reasonable manner.

Causes leading to premature

According to statistics, there are about 50% of cases of preterm birth for unknown causes and risk factors. These cases included the causes, factors such as: mother exposed the womb, the mother has a severe shock hazard manufacturing base money, the womb malformations, multiple pregnancy, infection of amniotic sac. In addition, there are other factors such as: age of pregnant women, a history of prematurity, family economic status, mother’s weight, with diabetes mellitus, occupation, working conditions … According to the study by the European countries, preterm birth is related to working conditions in the pregnant women: time to work the 42 hours a week, to stand at many (over 6 hours), pregnant women are not satisfied with their work, the work requires physical …

The common diseases in babies

Dr.-doctor Wu Xuan Ming, head of Department, the hospital From Dũ said, babies often have the following basic problems:


Asphyxia in infants born preterm may occur in the perinatal (before birth) and neonatal period (approximately 4 weeks after the birth). Asphyxia can cause the baby to death if not diagnosed before the situation and timely handling.

Respiratory failure:

This is the primary cause of death in babies. Children as babies, the more susceptible to respiratory failure. The most prominent of the respiratory membrane disease is in. This disease is caused by premature baby body lack of Surfactant-containing functions to keep lung bronchitis collapsed when breathing out.


Highly dangerous diseases, progress rapidly, if not detected and treated would cause nerve toxicity causes child death or leave for a lifetime. Liver disease of prematurity has not developed enough to perform functions. Baby weighing under 1.5 kg at birth, the rate of jaundice is 100%, which is early treatment with phototherapy. Parents must also comply with the doctor’s instructions in order to avoid complications for the baby.


Likely due to babies who have weak resistance. A woman with no known cause prematurity, urinary infection, fluid breaks early on, I had a fever around the time labour. .. which can cause infections of the baby when it was born. The baby must be born after resuscitation, the baby suffered from inhaling amniocentesis are also very susceptible to infection. The disease caused her shocking death.

Disorders of body temperature:

This symptom usually found in children born underweight. The most common phenomenon is that hypothermia. This complication is killing children.

Digestive disorders:

Expression by young or frequent symptoms, vomiting reflux, diarrhea or stomach themselves. The most dangerous complication of acute necrotic gut. Baby’s intestines are not enough blood feed will gradually thin and then gangrene or perforation. So, when you see the Golden baby belly, green service or pay to the doctor right away.

Metabolic disorders:

Children can suffer hypoglycemia causes cyanosis. The disease also causes lack of oxygen the brain sequelae for the baby. When you see poor feeding, vomiting reflux, parents should take a visit to be diagnosed and treated.

Hematological Disorders:

Low birth weight babies prone to bleeding, especially lack of coagulation factors due to lack of vitamin k. young be anemia due to bone marrow function is weak; the absorption factors less or to get more blood to the test. Parents should monitor children’s identity, if seeing the skin less red, slowly up the weight, you should go visit.

Diseases of the retina

This is considered especially important problems need to be monitored closely for babies weighing 1.5 kg at birth or babies under 30 weeks of age. Some babies weighed more than 1.5 kg could still get if right after resuscitation. The disease can cause blindness children if parents do not put baby to properly check a doctor’s appointment.


This is a disease that affects the development of the spiritual and the physical. The affected baby often cause embodies the convulsions, trợn eyes, turning the neck. Parents need to pay attention to mental element mobility and measure your baby’s head to prematurely intervene if the disease occurs.

Skin infections:

The most common is inflammation of the skin, redness of the skin, infection threatening pustules, navel infection. The disease can cause children with sepsis. Parents if you see red or baby phenomenon umbilical around navel, feet smelling ooze, you should visit. In addition to cleaning the navel, parents should also clean the inguinal region. Need to clean and keep dry and enclosed areas after each baby to go potty.

Slow physical growth:

Common diseases caused by inadequate breast milk or feeding babies, good absorption of nutrients. Ill be making babies is rickets, does not grow tall.

With these cases, parents need to take the trip to be monitored early cycle, weight, height and proper nutrition.

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