Treatment and prevention of acute diarrhea for babies

Treatment of acute diarrhea for babiesVirus Rota is the culprit killing more than half a million children around the world each year and is the cause of more than 2 million cases of hospital admissions each year.

Rota Virus transmitted very easily. Most of the children were infected before the age of 5 at Rota, the most commonly encountered in children from 3 months to 24 months of age. In this age, the immune system and digestive organs of young immature weak so vulnerable to attack.

Young children are prone to objects infected

Virus Rota very contagious because of virus through feces and have the ability to survive and live longer in the environment. They are present everywhere, on the surrounding objects such as furniture, floor, water, toys, household items, etc.

The Virus spread in popularity through the digestive tract, from the patient before, during and even after the diarrhea has spread onto objects in the environment, especially through the hands. For infants under 1 year of age, the possibility of viral infection are highly regular children Rota in contact with hands and objects by hand, the child’s mouth. So babies should be prevented as soon as possible.

Expression and effects of viral infections Rota

After Rotavirus infection about 6 to 12 hours, the child was released initial symptoms are fever, severe vomiting may be up to 15 times a day. Young then began to suffer diarrhea, continuous around the 10-20 times a day.

Because isolated or just diarrhea several times which cannot make up water by drinking water as usual. At the moment, is for admission to translate, if not treated promptly can result in death. In addition, children with diarrhea caused by the virus Rota is often very susceptible to malnutrition because of food malabsorption due to small bowel injury.

The treatment and care of children with acute diarrhea caused by the virus Rota

At present, no specific treatment for the virus Rota. The children with acute diarrhea caused by the virus Rota usually hospitalized treatment, intravenous infusion to compensate (because vomiting many be difficult to offset translate orally), fever, continued to suckle his mother, proper nutritional supplements such as feeding healthy food, easy to digest, divided into various day and clearing of zinc …

The child is sick and a huge amount of virus excreted through the feces, so very easily spread to other children and caretakers. Need to separate the sick child care.

To prevent diarrhea caused by the virus Rota

Hygiene measures are often eradicated for bacterial and viral, such as feeding, provide clean water, improve sanitation does not sufficiently protect babies from being infected with this agent. Therefore, the most effective way to protect children from the onslaught of this virus is the primary immunisation (injection or oral vaccine prevention of diarrhea).

The World Health Organization recommends, make the vaccine for all children to prevent acute diarrhea caused by the virus Rota. Due to diseases and severe in very young children so babies should be given vaccine as soon as possible. Parents who have children under 6 months of age, babies bring to the health center or the nearest hospital to take birth control vaccine virus Rota.

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